How to use MutiPHP INI editor to edit php.ini in cPanel/whm?

A php.ini file we can call it a php configuration file which contains various directive to control various php settings e.g. memory_limit, file_uploads, upload_max_filesize etc.

Prior to release of easyapache 4, if you wanted to edit any features in php.ini, you needed to edit file through ssh and then make changes inside it. But with the release of easyapache 4, these changes can be done in whm using the MultiPHP INI editor. With MutiPHP INI editor, this can be done on a per php version basis which means you can set different directives for php version 5.4 while different directives for php version 5.6 using MultiPHP INI editor.

Let’s try it out. Just for this practical purpose we want to increase memory limit for a site running php 5.6. Lets do it using MultiPHP INI editor.

Step 1. Click on the Software icon in the web host manager home interface.


Step 2. Go ahead and click on MutiPHP INI Editor icon box to go into the INI editor interface.


Step 3.  We since want to change memory limit for php 5.6 version, choose it from the drop down menu.


Step 4.  A memory limit directive is located at bottom of the page hence scroll down a little below and change the limit. I am setting 128 Mb here.


Step 5. Now go ahead and click the Apply button in order to make these changes take effect in the system.


Step 5. We can use editor mode to edit more php directive. Just click on editor mode and select php version you want to make changes for.


Step 6. You can view following content. Make changes which you want to and then  click the Apply button.




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