How to use MultiPHP Manager in Web Host Manager?

cPanel has introduced number of new features with the release of easyapache 4. One of them is MultiPHP  manager interface. MultiPHP manager interface offers system administrator as well as end user the ability to use multiple version of php.

Sometimes some applications/programs need older version of php to function properly hence newer version of php will not work for these programs. In such cases, we need to set older php version for specific domains while keeping latest php version available for rest of the domains being hosted on the server. Cloudlinux operating system has been used for this purpose prior to release of easyapache 4.

How to use MultiPHP version in Webhost Manager.

Step 1.  On Home Page Click Softwares.


Step 2.  Now, to explore MultiPHP manager features click on MultiPHP manager.


Step 3.  Under PHP version, you can see System PHP version which is also called inherit PHP version. If you do not set own php version for any domain, it would use this PHP version i.e. inherit php version. Right now, php 5.6 is default or inherit php version set here.
Step 4.  If you want to set different system php version, you can click on edit button and then choose php version you want to set as system default php version.


Step 5.  In step 4 we set default php version however sometime you want to set different php version for specific domain. In such cases we can use set php version per domain feature. As shown in below given screenshot, just select a domain you want to set different php version for and then choose php version from the drop down menu. After that click on apply to apply the setting.


Step 6.  I always wanted this feature available in the server as for security reason i wanted suphp php handler while for performance I wanted to install dso php handler for particular domain. Here you can set different php handlers per php version. Please be informed that if you set cgi php handler for php version 5.6, all domains that are using 5.6 will run on cgi php handler.


Step 7.  Just click on drop down menu in front of php version and choose one you want to set. Then click on apply to apply the setting. You are all set.


Step 8. Now, it’s time to set php version in cPanel by end user. Just click on Softwares >> MultiPHP manager.


Step 9. You can choose addon domains, your main domain or the subdomain and then setup php version per domain.

You might have noticed that the cPanel interface does not has ability to change default or inherit php version, it can only be changed from web host manager.




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