How to install EasyApache 3 on cPanel/WHM 58 along with easyapache4?

As we are all aware, after the release of cPanel/whm version 58, easyapache 4 is the default web stack on all new cPanel installations. But that is not end for the easyapache 3 lover since its still available and you can still use it if you want to.

Important Note – Please note that the last version of cPanel to support easyapache 3 will be version 60 which goes end of life in Sept. 2017 and after that easyapache 3 will not receive any updates and will officially be deprecated. So it’s advised to migrate your servers to easyapache 4 before September.

If you still want to install easyapache 3 webstack, i will explain it in two scenario.

Case 1 :- Before the cPanel installation i.e. fresh server

If you have a fresh server and you want to install easyapache 3 as well as 4 on it. In this scenario, you need to create a file called “install_legacy_ea3_instead_of_ea4”  under /etc directory before you start installing the cPanel. You can simply use touch command as it has to be empty file.

# touch /etc/install_legacy_ea3_instead_of_ea4

Now, you can simply start installation of the cPanel.

Case 2 :- If the cPanel is already installed on your server with easyapache 4 webstack

In this case, if the cPanel/whm is already installed on the server with easyapache 4 and you want to switch back to easyapache 3 for obvious reason. You can follow below given procedure.

1. Create below given directories.

# mkdir -p /usr/local/apache.ea3/{conf,htdocs,bin}

2. Now run the following command.

# /scripts/migrate_ea3_to_ea4 --revert --run

It will migrate easyapache 4 webstack to easyapache 3. Just compile the easyapache 3 if you encounter any error.

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