How to install cPanel plugin for r1soft in cPanel server?

In earlier articles of our r1soft backup manager series we discussed installing Enterprise Edition on Linux server, Installing Agent on Linux, adding server to r1soft backup manager, creating a disk safes, creating policies etc.

In this article we will learn about installing cPanel plugin for r1soft. A cPanel plugin for r1soft allow end users to restore backups directly from the cPanel interface. Just follow below given steps.

Step 1. Login to your Server Backup Manager using your login credentials.


Step 2. After login to the control panel, you need to click on Policy option in the main menu.


Step 3. Then click on the edit option next to the server you want to add cPanel plugin for.


Step 4.  In Edit policy, you need to click on Control Panels second last option in the list.


Step 5. Now, click on Add Control Panel Instance. Here you  have to define a name for the instance e.g. cPanel Plugin, choose the control panel type in our case cPanel, specify whether or not to enable it.


Step 6. Make sure to save it and then close the window.

Step 7. In Policy details, click on Control Panels and then download the plugin to your desktop. The file name would be something like r1soft-cpanel-plugin-2.0.tar.gz.



Step 8. Upload this file to your server either using FTP or SFTP client such as ssh secure shell client then extract file using tar command.


Step 9. Inside the directory, make sure you read ‘README’ file which will explain everything about installing the plugin.

Step 10. Open the file r1redirect.php using any editor of your choice e.g. vi

Step 11. Search for the string   $SBM_URL = “<URL>”;


Step 12. Replace the URL with the URL of your CDP server e.g. or

Step 13. Now, locate the line that says $CONTROL_PANEL_ID = “<ID>”;


Step 14. Replace the ID with the ID of your Control panel instance Id e.g. 5a8d8492-3a1b-40cd-873a-322c97b197fc


Step 15.  Save the file and then copy r1redirect.php file into your into your cPanel Paper Lantern Theme folder  e.g. cp r1soft-cpanel-plugin-2.0/r1redirect.php /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/paper_lantern/

Step 16. Install the cPanel Plug-in into the Paper Lantern theme:  /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/install_plugin r1soft-cpanel-plugin-2.0 –theme paper_lantern

Step 17. You might encounter following error.  Usage /usr/local/cpanel/bin/register_cpanelplugin <cpanelplugin config file> [r1soft-cdp.cpanelplugin does not exist. You should provide the absolute path to the file]


Step 18. Just replace r1soft-cpanel-plugin-2.0 with /root/r1soft-cpanel-plugin-2.0 and run command again.


Step 19.  Now, login to your cPanel and search for R1soft Restore Backup

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