How to install EasyApache 4 CloudFlare module for cPanel

If you use cloudflare for your websites, sometimes you would have noticed cloudflare IP being logged in web server logs instead of the visitors IP’s. The reason behind this issue is that the cloudflare

Beginner’s Guide to cPanel

Welcome to “Beginner’s Guide to cPanel”  by yogsays. This guide is designed and compiled exclusively for the users who want to get started with the cPanel.  This guide includes everything from installation to configuration of

How to change MPMs in cPanel Servers that run EasyApache 4?

This post explains how to change Multi-Processing Modules i.e. MPMs in cPanel systems that run EasyApache 4. Please note that if you run easyapache 3 web stack on your system this guide is not

How to edit php.ini file via command line in cpanel server running easyapache4?

In our earlier post  How to use MutiPHP INI editor to edit php.ini we learnt about editing php.ini from web host manager and the cPanel. In this post we will discuss how to edit php.ini

How to use Multi-PHP Manager on the command line – Part 2

Just like default php version, we can also manage php handlers from command line. But we can not set php handlers per domain or per virtual host basis instead we need to setup them

How to access phpmyadmin without accessing the cPanel?

This article is written for explaining how to access phpmyadmin without accessing a cPanel. Before we start, lets learn what is phpmyadmin and why do we need to access it without cPanel? phpMyAdmin is an

How to manage Apache with Easyapache 4 on the command line?

Before an introduction of the easyapache 4, in easyapache 3 cpanel used to offer the easyapache tool to upgrade Apache or PHP version or to install php modules for your server. The script used  for this

How to use Multi-PHP Manager on the command line – Part 1

We have already discussed how to use MultiPHP Manager in Web Host Manager. You can use MultiPHP manager in whm  easily to use multi-php feature that easyapache 4 offers however if you love to work

How to use MutiPHP INI editor to edit php.ini in cPanel/whm?

A php.ini file we can call it a php configuration file which contains various directive to control various php settings e.g. memory_limit, file_uploads, upload_max_filesize etc. Prior to release of easyapache 4, if you wanted

How to use MultiPHP Manager in Web Host Manager?

cPanel has introduced number of new features with the release of easyapache 4. One of them is MultiPHP  manager interface. MultiPHP manager interface offers system administrator as well as end user the ability to use

Initial Webhost Manager configuration Setup step by step guide

In earlier post, we discussed installation of cPanel on Centos 6 server but the cPanel installation doesn’t just finish there. After installation, you need to configure various basic settings in graphical manager to complete

How to Install and Configure Cpanel/WHM in CentOS 6/5

If you would have ever hosted a domain online, you would have certainly heard about the cPanel. cPanel is a Linux based web hosting control panel initially released in 1996 by John Nick Koston.