How to add new site in google webmaster tools (Search Console)?

Google search console Formerly known as google webmaster tools is the best webmaster tool made available by google to allow webmasters to make google aware that your site is ready for indexing in the SERP. It also helps to identify errors related to your website such as crawl errors.

How to add new site in google webmaster tools (Search Console)?

Google Search Console

  •  Now, add your website in empty box available and then click on Add A Property.

Verify Ownership

  •  On next page, you have to verify ownership of your website. You can accomplish it using two methods.

Method 1.

  •  Download html file shown on the computer and upload it to your web directory in such way that it should be accessible over internet using the url shown on the computer.
  •  In my case, the file name was google760660aeffd7ffdb.html and the url i needed to access to confirm my ownership was You can use ftp client such as filezilla. Once it’s uploaded, you just need to click verify.

Upload file

Method 2.

  •  HTML tag

Just copy the meta tag given there and paste it into site’s home page and then click on verify button.

  • Google Analytics

If you have google analytics already setup for this domain, this method can be used.

Once you verify the domain, following message will appear.

Site added successfully

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