How to access phpmyadmin without accessing the cPanel?

This article is written for explaining how to access phpmyadmin without accessing a cPanel. Before we start, lets learn what is phpmyadmin and why do we need to access it without cPanel? phpMyAdmin is an opensource php tool designed to administrate MySQL or MariaDB with the use of a web browser.  It can perform various tasks such as creating a database, deleting a database, import/export database, user management, execute sql statements etc. In general, in order to access phpMYAdmin, you need to login into cPanel however sometime if the cPanel license gets expired, you can’t access the cPanel. Or sometime you want to share details of database with your developer without granting him access to the cPanel. In this both cases, we need to access phpMYAdmin without accessing cPanel. Let’s see how we can do it.

Step 1.  First of all download the latest and stable phpMyAdmin  version in public_html directory of your domain. If you have a shell access, you can use wget to download tar file. However if you have just cPanel and ftp access, download this file to your desktop and upload it to the server using ftp.  Download here

Step 2.  Once you upload, the url should look like.

Step 3.  You can rename it to something easier to remember. So after renaming the url should look like

Step 4.  Let’s test it. First of all login into the cPanel and create  a database and user for it. In my case, I have created database yogsays_test and the user yogsays_user.

Step 5.  Now access your phpadmin url we set earlier,

And then login to PhpMyAdmin using user id and the password.

Login to PhpMyAdmin

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